How can psychometrics save your business money?

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I get asked this question a lot – How can psychometrics save your business money? Many things are written about the benefits of using psychometrics, but I’d like to demonstrate WHY using them can benefit YOUR business…

Making the perfect hire is not so much checking resumes and references, it is assessing how they will behave when they win the role.

One of my clients was always keen to use them, but never 100%. I remember on one occasion the CEO asked me to test a potential senior position for their business. I understood the business and the role, so felt confident as to which psychometric to use – a combination of ability and characteristic assessment. I got the results back, and then compared these with current high performers in the business. I also talked to the candidate.

Something wasn’t adding up. To cut a long story short, I held my ground (pressure from the recruiter wanted their fee and also pressure from the organisation wanting to have someone in the role), my internal warning bells were going off. I pushed for the individual to do supervised assessments and after considerable effort, it happened.

The characteristics did not match up and the difference in the ability testing was 60%. You can draw your own conclusion on what the person did. They did not get offered the role. 6 months later it was discovered that this person, had he been given the role, would have brought this business into disrepute, as they had committed fraud in their previous role and all businesses that they had been associated with were under investigation. This would have cost millions of dollars to this business.

Using psychometrics is not a 100% surety, but it really does allow you to look at the character and probe deeper. You also need to have experienced interpreters who can read between the lines.

Just passing a report to a hiring manager is not enough. That is why we insist on talking about each profile and passing our experience to the client.

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