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Culture and Change Leadership

Culture and Change Leadership

2Learn will work alongside you to achieve demonstrable results in Culture Work, Institutional Strengthening, Change Management and Organisational Development. We have successfully been engaged with over 30 major projects, and we are confident of our ability to obtain results.

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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Coaching is ‘a process of working with another person which uses day to day work as the learning vehicle.'

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Leadership Assessment and Development

Leadership Assessment and Development

2Learn brings both a creative and pragmatic approach to Leadership Assessment and Development.

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Career Transition and Outplacement

Career Transition and Outplacement

2Learn will work alongside you to achieve demonstrable results in Culture Work, Institutional Strengthening, Change Management and Organisational Development. We have successfully been engaged with over 40 major projects, and we are confident of our ability to obtain results.

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Team Dynamics and Team Development

Team Dynamics and Team Development

2Learn designs solutions to facilitate and develop the team as a whole using the latest experiential and fun learning tools

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Strategic Human Resources

Strategic Human Resources

Even a small organisation with as few as 10 staff can develop a strategic HR plan to guide decisions about the future.

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01 Culture and Change Leadership
02 Business Coaching
03 Leadership Assessment and Development
04 Career Transition and Outplacement
05 Team Dynamics and Team Development
06 Strategic Human Resources

"Michael and his team have a great track record in managing large projects involving change, and the feedback from his current and previous clients spoke volumes."

Dr Jeff Carmichael CEO, Promontory Asia

"I can highly recommend Michael Taggart and his team to deliver leadership and front line training and development that suits the audience and business environment."

Sharon Howes Former Acting CEO Macquarie Generation, Current Consultant Vulcan Steel

Michael has worked with our wider leadership team over the last several years. He has brought clarity and an improved understanding of each leader’s strengths , weaknesses and core aptitude. Once this was achieved at an individual level he developed an innovative approach to improving our overall team work by leveraging our complementary talents. I would recommend Michael to any organisation that is striving to reach their true potential.

Rhys Jones Executive Board Australia and New Zealand

Michael and his team have been engaged with the Authority as both independent contractors as well as part of a larger project. Throughout, Michael has brought his own unique blend of passion, frank feedback, fresh multi-sectoral perspective and stretch goal setting that has ensured we remain true to our course for meaningful HR culture reform. His willingness to engage with our team's off line and his personal commitment to see things through including investing his time and energy as a sounding board has been central to building necessary inertia for internal ownership and delivery of the programs he has helped to craft.

Paul Muthaura CEO Capital Markets Authority Kenya

Michael his team have been supporting me since my appointment as CEO. I often meet with Michael to discuss our ‘people issues’, even if there is no financial outcome for Michael, he is always supportive of my questions. He recently supported a ‘Risk’ based workshop that we held. He used interactive tools and methods to elicit the ideas and thoughts from the group, and turned what could have been quite a laborious session into a proactive and results driven workshop. I can see how others use this team to help them improve and enhance their culture, and they are a group that I will always call first for help or solutions.

Russell Eggers CEO Lucas Group

Michael and his team supported and consulted to Bapepam LK when I was Chairman, and to Directorate General of Tax when I was the Director General. His support was invaluable to the reform of Bapepam LK as a leader in regulation and supporting the leadership development of all managers. Michael and his team are experts in Change Management, Cultural Reform, Leadership Development and Team Building. I have always regarded the work that 2Learn does as being world class and engaging.

Dr Fuad Rahmany Director General of Taxes Indonesia

Michael and his 2Learn team has been inked with my businesses for over 8 years. I find Michael in particular to be very an innovative and intuitive individual who is supportive of my needs and of that of the businesses he supports. His approach is straightforward, pragmatic, emotionally honest, and results-oriented. Michael also listens to my company needs and able to tailor his program to suit our budgets at Interpro. I have team members from our Sydney, Melbourne and even Brisbane offices who continue to praise about Michael’s work. I highly recommend Michael and 2Learn team!

Sukender Jain CEO and Manager Director Interpro Australia

Just wanted to say thanks for your facilitation of the ‘Bengalla Way’ over the past 4 weeks with the technician U days. I know we have 1 more to go with the support staff U days (7 June) but I think the 4 sessions were very valuable in turning the dial up on our cultural journey we are on. Look forward to working with you on the next theme we run!

Jonathan Lawler Manager HR and Training

Michael has been one of the best consultants we have contracted over the last 8 years. This alone is testament as to the high level of service that he and his team provide. He brings a high level of expertise to each project and communicates at a high level as to the solutions required. He is culturally aware and understands the importance of engaging others in the correct manner. He recently run team effectiveness workshops for the Fiscal Policy Unit of the ministry of finance. The feedback was brilliant, and as such the Head of the whole department has requested Michael and his team run similar events for all 9 units. This is a small example of the positive feedback that we receive about the work.

Gavin Forte Lead Advisor Financial Sector – AIPEG Indonesia