Leadership Assessment and Development

2Learn brings both a creative and pragmatic approach to Leadership Assessment and Development. We equip our clients with behavioural skills and techniques to enable them to reach their full potential.

We are known for our ability to develop the capabilities of leaders and potential leaders through a practical and hands on approach that is directly linked to your business goals.

We engage our participants in the ‘How’ and in the ‘What’. We use simulations, management games, interactive scenario’s, technology and actors to truly gain experience and build confidence


“Leadership is practiced not so much in words, as in attitude and actions.”

Harold Geenen


How we can help


We start with the fundamentals of good communication and listening skills. We find even the most experienced managers leave our sessions with more finely-tuned communication and listening skills and begin to benefit immediately from their increased abilities.

We then develop the core attributes of leadership, with leaders understanding how to provide performance feedback, motivation, coaching and how to lead in different situations.

It’s all about the ‘Habits’

Another valuable skillset we cultivate in those attending our Leadership Development programs is the ability to assess the skills and motivations of team members in order to achieve the greatest influence and engagement.


There are a number of indicators which help us to identify which staff members may be best suited to leadership roles. We’ll help you identify leadership potential and work with you to implement talent development programs.

We have successfully developed Assessment, Development and Skills Centres for over 20 organisations in the last 10 years. We understand what the competences are for effective leadership and how they are measured.

We use the latest psychometrics and observable techniques, as well as developing the organisation to do this independent of us.

We help you to create feedback reports and solutions that are unique to each individual leader.

For solutions that really work, contact 2Learn

Experienced 2Learn consultants can design and implement Leadership initiatives to suit your requirements.