Culture and Change Leadership

2Learn will work alongside you to achieve demonstrable results in Culture Work, Institutional Strengthening, Change Management and Organisational Development.

We have successfully been engaged with over 30 major projects, and we are confident of our ability to obtain results.

Culture Work can transform an organisation – producing fundamental changes to the way an entire organisation operates. 2Learn are leaders in Culture Work – offering assessment, strategy and implementation of techniques for improved workplace culture. We will work alongside you to achieve demonstrable results in institutional strengthening and organisational development.


“You can delegate authority, but you cannot delegate culture.”

Bryon Dorgan

How we can help

Understanding the Evolution

Central to any Culture work is the development, in conjunction with key staff, of a clear picture of the evolution of the organisation’s culture, including projected developments to meet business goals. Cultural surveys are invaluable tools for understanding the current cultural environment.

Our surveying and reporting tools will provide a detailed analysis of the culture within your organisation using the Professional Quest software product.  Feedback on all findings will be relayed back to your Senior Management/Executive team.


Organisational Development

Through our Organisational Development services, we can help you increase the internal capabilities of your organisation and better respond to changes in the external environment.

Organisational Development is about improving performance at the individual, group and organisational levels; fully harnessing the motivation of people and helping them function to their full potential.

Institutional Strengthening

Through institutional strengthening, we can increase the capacity or ability of an institution to perform its functions.

2Learn can assist with identifying weaknesses in networks, policy, leadership, knowledge or skill, and highlight duplication of effort. Addressing these issues is the first stage of institutional strengthening. Planning and implementation of strategies for improved knowledge management and dissemination is the next step in creating a thriving institution.

Our experience in Government and Non-Government institutions has shown us how critical institutional strengthening can be to efficient and long lasting performance.


Systematic Selection

Helping you identify the right person for the job, our systematic selection process is second to none.  By utilising our company’s tools, workplace simulations and development centres we aim to find the right candidate for your position, with the correct attitude!


Talent Management and Succession Planning

We can assist you with assessment, job analysis and potential leaders programs to create a Talent Map of your organisation, and then what to do with this talent.

A good succession plan enables a smooth transition of staff between positions with minimal disruption to operations. We can help you identify and develop the skills and knowledge required by an incoming staff member to hit the ground running in their new positions.


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