Strategic Human Resources

At 2Learn, your business’ success is at the heart of everything we do. 2Learn offer a full range of HR development services that can be tailored to your business strategy.


“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

Jim Collins

How we can help

Systematic Selection

We offer a full service, from identification to induction. This includes access to Psychometrics such as Savilles Wave and Swift, SHL OPQ32 and 2Learns own Work Preferences, Leadership Styles and Time Management Assessment.

We design Assessment Tools and Centre’s for all types of roles, and we develop your people to be able to identify characteristics and behaviours.

We can train your people to be competent behavioural interviewers and to understand methods such as NLP and Facial Coding.

Talent and Succession Planning

We help you find that Potential (an individuals ability or capacity for growth and development into a leadership or more senior roles).

We help you identify and develop current and emerging talent and readying them for key roles within your business.

We help you identify critical positions and what actions you need to take to eliminate the risks.


Learning and Development

We can help you build an effective Learning and Development Strategy to maximise your resources, operational needs and budget.

We can design inductions, soft skills programs and specific programs for professional groups.

We can work with your local HR team to enhance and redesign programs to make them fresh and experientially based.

Policy and Capability Frameworks

We will understand your HR policy, processes and framework and identify links to business improvements.

We can create effective Capability Frameworks both business and technical.

We can review your current HR policies, processes and frameworks, including the functionality of the Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) with a view to reduce or remove functionality that inhibits cultural change or performance.

We can benchmark policies and procedures with ‘best practice’ strategies on and procedure development.

Restructuring and Role Redesign

We can assist you in the creation of new structures that meet your current and future customer needs.

We can help gain agreement on EBA’s or workplace agreements.

We can redesign roles and functions to be more effective with achieving outcomes.

We can help with mergers and acquisitions ensuring the people component is handled effectively and with respect.

For solutions that really work, contact 2Learn

Experienced 2Learn consultants can design and implement Multiple HR and OD initiatives to increase the performance of your business.