Team Building and Profiling


Team Building is a highly effective – and enjoyable – way to increase performance and satisfaction of every member of a team. 2Learn designs solutions to facilitate and develop the team as a whole using the latest experiential and fun learning tools. Team Profiling – incorporating feedback, surveys and psychometric testing – assists with determining psychological interventions to solve team issues and develop team performance.


Feedback is an incredibly useful tool for profiling Team Members, offering first-hand insights into how people work and communicate. We can interpret the results to give indicators on which skills and behaviours can be developed for better team performance.
Psychometric testing
2Learn offers either an off-the-shelf product or a tailored solution, with access to SHL, TMSDI, MBTI and our own Leadership, Motivation, Influencing and Time Management on-line assessments.
Surveys and 360 Degree Feedback
In many workplaces, it’s only managers who provide feedback on performance. In this one dimensional feedback model, useful information remains untapped.

360 degree feedback (sometimes referred to as multi-rater appraisals or multi-source feedback) is a tool designed to address this area. By gaining feedback from peers, staff members, managers and, in some cases, external clients, a person obtains a valuable insight into how others perceive them.

2Learn will develop feedback surveys completely tailored to your needs, using the latest award winning software, to assess your people and your culture. Our surveys are supported with excellent reports and professionally presented feedback.

Assessment and Development Centres
A tailored event specifically based around your organisation’s competencies and values, containing simulations and exercises to assess your people’s abilities.

Experienced 2Learn consultants can design and implement Team Building and Profiling to suit your requirements.