Personal Coaching


Personal Coaching is a process of working with another person one-to-one. Coaching uses day to day work as the learning vehicle, and focuses on the specific needs of an individual.

What is the difference between a coach and a mentor?
Mentor Coach
Focus Individual Performance
Role Advisor with no agenda Specific agenda
Source of influence Self-selecting Normally appointed
How many? Unlimited 1-2 maximum
Team Coaching
Tailored coaching is designed to change habits, behaviours or simply assist someone to see the reality of a situation. Not just a product for senior executives, Team Coaching is for everyone.
Coaching Capability
Coaching capability involves a specific program designed to bring about change in an organisation using the practice of embedding coaching.

Training alone does not bring a sustainable and improved performance. It facilitates a person to become aware of their skills and knowledge, but in today’s market place we want people who naturally perform and have creative time to develop their role and increase profitability and efficiency.

More and more organisations are recognising the need to do more to embed the efforts they have made in providing feedback mechanisms (such as capability reviews and 360 degree reports) and training opportunities.

Coaching is one of a number of solutions to embed the learning and to aid individuals to deal with organisational change.

External Coaching
  • Aimed at Executives and Senior Managers, the focus of external coaching is driving the strategy of the business and developing effective relationships.
  • Usual duration 4-6 sessions
Manager Coaching
  • Managers are trained on how to coach their own staff. Focus is on technical and skills, with some behavioural coaching.
  • Usually conducted as a 2-day program
Program Coaching
  • Aimed at participants on leadership programs. Focus is on program content and behaviours. Provided through Learning and Development team.
  • Usual duration 4-6 sessions
Business Coaching
  • Aimed at identified individuals within business units. Focus on driving change through behavioural coaching. Supports the Managers.
  • Usually conducted as an 8-day program
How to recognise when Management Coaching is required
  • Complaints or negative feedback is received
  • Increased accidents or near misses
  • Performance decreases
  • You spot someone doing something wrong
  • Someone asks you
  • You have a new person in the team
  • A team member has just completed training

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