E-Learning Design and Activation


2Learn specialise in E-learning design and activation from the HR practitioner’s viewpoint.

Using our own Learning Management System, you can gain access to E-learning courses that are designed specifically to meet your organisational needs.

The 2Learn Difference
2Learn use the latest technologies in their E-learning design; including Articulate programming and Adobe graphics with imagery and animation. E-learning designed from the ground up, we are HR/OD practitioners who pride ourselves in, not only understanding your HR/OD requirements, but are able to produce in-house E-learning material in a timely manner.  How often have you requested an E-learning specialists, only to be given a technical person who does not understand the HR/OD fundamentals?  That’s the 2Learn Difference.
Learning Management System
2Learn provides two options regarding your Learning Management System:

Option 1—Anything produced by us can be uploaded on your own Management System or a System of your choice

Option 22Learn, in partnership with Litmos, can provide an all-round experience for your Learning Management System including uploading program reports, assessment scores, learning documents and providing noticeboard facilities.

Examples of recent E-learning programs designed by us are company specific OHS, environmental awareness, meeting management, time management and induction.  Please contact us and a representative would be more than happy to attend your workplace to discuss your company’s needs.