I can highly recommend Michael Taggart and his team to deliver leadership and front line training and development that suites the audience and business environment.  Michael has worked with me for almost 10 years, delivering measurable and pragmatic outcomes to improve business performance.   His ability to adapt to the needs of his clients comes from deep experience, having worked with leaders ranging from new supervisors to executives in Telecoms, Energy, Government, Regulatory and the Health sector.   He ensures that he understands the goals of the business and aligns the training outcomes with the business goals. His Team Leader programs are world class, and the feedback I have received from participants reflects his talent to connect with people, get to the heart of issues and really ‘make a difference’. I can attest to the fact that I have never received such positive feedback as I have from participants in Michael’s programs.  In part, it is due to the fact that he uses experiential learning and no PowerPoint slides or traditional training tools and this seems to resonate well with his audiences. The 2learn team and reputation continues to grow. I will continue to use Michael and his team.

Sharon Howes – Former Acting CEO Macquarie Generation, Current Consultant Vulcan Steel


Promontory needed an experienced, agile and results-driven HR Consultancy to assist in projects across Indonesia and South Africa. Michael and his team have a great track record in managing large projects involving change, and the feedback from his previous clients spoke volumes. We decided to go with Michael and 2learn. The team has done an outstanding job. They have provided us with valuable insights into change management, and keep on surprising us with new methods and support that go beyond the scope of our work agreement. We’ve been lucky to select 2learn and enjoy our ongoing collaboration.

Dr Jeff Carmichael –  CEO, Promontory Asia


We contracted Michael Taggart to deliver a 1.5 day team-development program for a Division within the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. Michael’s experience working with various Agencies within the Indonesian civil services meant that he was able to design and deliver a program that was connected well with our Indonesian counterparts. They appreciated his easy manner and use of humour and activities/games to maintain engagement and interest.  He really made an effort to make the material relevant and sought to marshal strong participation from all members of the group. We appreciated Michael’s willingness to engage with us post the event to discuss follow-up actions the group could pursue to address some of the issues identified for further development.

John Burch – Government Partnership Fund Advisor, The Australian Treasury Department


Michael has been one of the best consultants we have contracted over the last 8 years. This alone is testament as to the high level of service that he and his team provide. He brings a high level of expertise to each project and communicates at a high level as to the solutions required. He is culturally aware and understands the importance of engaging others in the correct manner. He recently run team effectiveness workshops for the Fiscal Policy Unit of the ministry of finance. The feedback was brilliant, and as such the Head of the whole department has requested Michael and his team run similar events for all 9 units. This is a small example of the positive feedback that we receive about the work.

Gavin Forte – Lead Advisor Financial Sector, AIPEG Indonesia


Our Company needs to make sure we receive the best possible solutions we can from our service providers. I have been more than happy with what 2learn has provided. We have been using 2Learn services for over 8 years to not only develop our managers, but in running effective team days, that are not only productive in terms of developing our staff, but are highly energetic and motivational. I always ask my team and managers for their feedback and I have always been given positive comments about the sessions held and the facilitators. As a provider of ‘learning environments’, we often meet trainers and facilitators. Michael and his team are rated in the top 5%.

Stephen Cox – General Manager, Cliftons


Michael and his team have been supporting me since my appointment as CEO. I often meet with Michael to discuss our ‘people issues’, even if there is no financial outcome for Michael, he is always supportive of my questions. He recently supported a ‘Risk’ based workshop that we held. He used interactive tools and methods to elicit the ideas and thoughts from the group, and turned what could have been quite a laborious session into a proactive and results driven workshop. I can see how others use this team to help them improve and enhance their culture, and they are a group that I will always call first for help or solutions.

Russell Eggers – CEO, Lucas Group

Michael and his 2Learn team has been inked with my businesses for over 8 years. I find Michael in particular to be very an innovative and intuitive individual who is supportive of my needs and of that of the businesses he supports. His approach is straightforward, pragmatic, emotionally honest, and results-oriented. Michael also listens to my company needs and able to tailor his program to suit our budgets at Interpro. I have team members from our Sydney, Melbourne and even Brisbane offices who continue to praise about Michael’s work. I highly recommend Michael and 2Learn team!

Sukender Jain – CEO and Manager Director, Interpro Australia


In my previous role as Deputy Commissioner OJK and Chairman of Bapepam LK, we used 2Learn, and in particular Michael to support not only our HR and OD agenda, but with the future transition to the new OJK supervisory body for Indonesia. I am very satisfied with the high standard of consultancy that 2Learn provided. Nothing was ever too much trouble and Michael put a lot of effort into understanding the nature of our business, our Indonesian people & culture, and ensuring our requirements were met every time.

Ngalim Sawega – Ex Chairman OJK, Deputy Commissioner OJK. Current Role: CEO,  EximBank Indonesia


Michael and his team supported and consulted to Bapepam LK when I was Chairman, and to Directorate General of Tax when I was the Director General. His support was invaluable to the reform of Bapepam LK as a leader in regulation and supporting the leadership development of all managers. Michael and his team are experts in Change Management, Cultural Reform, Leadership Development and Team Building. I have always regarded the work that 2Learn does as being world class and engaging.

Dr Fuad Rahmany – Ex Director General of Taxes Indonesia