How to motivate employees and manage skill levels using a leadership model

We often get asked how to motivate employees and manage different skill levels and desires.

Has there been a time when you employed a new apprentice/trainee/graduate who is highly motivated, believe they know it all and jumps into projects only to have a detrimental effect on your business?

Unfortunately this is such a common occurrence that there is a term for such an offender – the motivated idiot.  You know that they don’t have all the skills at this stage but you don’t want them to lose their passion.  What do you do?

The use of a leadership model allows leaders to categorise people’s skills and behaviours and assign an effective management style.

By diagnosis using the following diagram, in this case the person lies in the highly motivated but lowly skilled area.  They need to be guided and coached until their skill level is reached.

Leadership Model


With coaching, individual needs can be catered for while using day-to-day work as the learning vehicle. It’s a powerful way to embed new skills and behaviours.

If you can relate to this example, you may like to read more about the role of coaching in how to motivate employees and manage different skill levels.

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